ATS POWER LTD. is prepared with all necessary manufacturing,
testing, installations and service facilities of power & distribution
transformer according to IP
55 & IP56. We are constantly monitoring quality , reliability & service of our products. Our product satisfies
requirement of the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB),
Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB), Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC)
, Dhaka Electric Supply Company
(DESCO), Northern Electric Supply Company (NESCO) & West
Zone Power Distribution Company (WZPDCO)


Windings of high voltage and low voltage are made of high conductivity electrolytic copper, other paper insulated pinhole free enamel
. Ducts are provided both in the High Voltage & Low Voltage
windings for all oil to circulate freely to keep the transformer
sufficiently cool
. Our every transformer is designed to meet the Basic
Insulation Level (BIL) requirements fulfill all the short circuit requirements

Insulation Oil & Cooling

The natural cooling i.e. natural circulation of both oil
& air, it’s called ONAN cooled (self
cooled). ATS
. transformers up to 1500KVAare
ONAN cooled
.The forced cooling is arranged for
higher capacities and used moisture free high
dielectric strength mineral oil configuring to IEC
or BS
148 standard.
Surface Finish
The external surfaces are painted with two undercoats high quality primers and one top weather
resistant coating of synthetic enamel paint
. The
inside of the tanks is painted with red
oxide corrosion & chemical resistant paint. Noted that all panel
boards & DB boards are painting with powder coat
paint in our own plant (Powder Coat Plant &
Enamel Plant)